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My muse Fashion Icon Iris Appel

RIP Dearest Iris! I am so happy that I had a chance to gift you this painting and to have a memorable dinner with you, Errol Rappaport ,Sasha ,Renee and wonderful ladies that were by your side for so many years at Colony Hotel ,Palm Beach. Thank you Annie Watt for making it happen.

Her neck was adorned with some unreal out of this World necklace. Her elegant wrists with perfectly manicured long fingers graced gigantic black bangle braclets of geometric shapes.Regal posture like a greceful statue wrapped in animal print black and white floor length dress. Her glowing smooth delicate face with blood red lipstick on a perfect porcelain skin and striking ,the color of the sky eyes. She leaves me in an unconditional state of love. 101.5 ,is that just a number? Yes it is! AGELESS!!!! Holding her hand and being in her presence made me realize it is all about CREATION AND LOVE. This was Iris Aphel by TATY.

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